Darren Richardson

March 2, 2012

It’s official: Mitt Romney is not a dog guy after all, but a cat guy. Or at least a “Cat Scratch fever” guy. Well, sort of.

Ted Nugent, who in Punditty’s opinion starred in the finest reality show in the history of television with “Surviving Nugent,” tweeted that after a thoughtful discussion with the former Massachusetts governor, he decided that Romney will “properly represent We the people & I endorsed him.”

Nugent, known as "The Motor City Madman," has thrilled rock-and-roll audiences for decades with such classics as “Wang Dang Sweet Pootang,” "Free-for-All" and “Journey to the Center of the Mind,” both as a solo artist and with the Amboy Dukes in the 1960s. He has long been a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.

But wait, there’s more. Nugent, a Michigan native who has toyed with running for governor of that state, now resides in Texas. Despite endorsing Romney, he is quite supportive of the Lone Star State’s governor.

In an interview Friday with the Texas Tribune, Nugent said he would prefer to have endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry. The Tribune reported that Nugent and Romney spoke by phone while the rocker/sportsman was in Michigan, shopping at a sporting goods store and, in his words, "celebrating the orgy of guns and ammos and bows and arrows and camouflage clothing and hunting and fishing and outdoor family supplies."

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney took a lot of heat from Second Amendment supporters when he signed off on an assault weapons ban in 2004. But Nugent told the Tribune he understood Romney’s bind at the time: "He was in Massachusetts. He wasn't in America."

Romney agreed to Nugent’s conditions for an endorsement, the Tribune reported, namely that the candidate pledge there would be no new gun laws or further erosions of the Second Amendment in a Romney administration. The rocker made clear that these were “we the people” demands, not simply Ted Nugent demands.

The Nugent nod represents the second musical endorsement Romney has received recently. Rocker-rapper Kid Rock played at a Romney event prior to the Feb. 28 Michigan primary.

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