Veronica Roberts

"Mr. 23" himself, Michael Jordan, is selling his mansion for a cool $29 million, so if you're an avid fan who's looking to own a slice of sports history, this just might be the deal for you.

OK, if you're not part of that elite one-percent crowd, you will not be able to afford it, but you can fantasize. The basketball phenom's sprawling digs is located in Chicago's swanky Highland Park, has just enough space for your average millionaire or billionaire, sitting at 32,683 square feet.

So what do you get for $29 million in these hard economic times with falling home prices and record foreclosures? The discerning buyer will be greeted on entrance by MJ's signature number 23 emblazoned big, bold and majestically on the gates leading to the property.

A greeting befitting a king, you say? What else did you expect, a true "king" lived there. After that royal welcome, the seven-acre, gated green grounds reportedly has a lake, swimming pool, tennis court, a three-climate controlled multi-car garage and a three-bedroom guesthouse,

Told you it was more royal retreat than mere house, and that's just the outside. Now step into the palatial two-floor interior where "King Jordan" spent his days. You know a basketball court will be a must-have, then there are a reported nine bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms and four half baths.

To top off the offer, the home, which was built in 1995, is being sold fully furnished.

I heard the former Chicago Bulls basketball star recently got engaged, so I guess he's moving on to bigger and better things. This mansion might have gotten a tad small for his taste, especially seeing as he will have bride No. 2 soon and perhaps a few more little Jordans running around? He already has three grown children with first wife Juanita, but you never know.