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Mayor Eric Gregg of Harrisburg, Illinois held a press conference to give an update on the EF4 tornado--the second most powerful on the scale-- which tore through that City around 5:00 a.m Wednesday morning. Winds of up to 166-200 MPH devastated the Southern towns along with six other States. "We can deal with floods--but a tornado like this is heartbreaking," said the Mayor.

Police Chief said there would be a curfew imposed on the affected areas from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m Thursday and a command center set up at the Sheriff's office. Additional posts would were set up in key locations throughout the communities. National Guards are also helping with the aftermath of the tragedy.

Missouri's Governor Jay Nixon confirmed 3 deaths for his State while Mayor Raeanne Presley assessed the monetary damages to her city of Branson as in the millions. Despite this, the Mayor was optimistic, urging "people to return to Branson" for it was still a beautiful place to visit.

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A series of deadly tornadoes ripped through 6 States beginning around 1:00 A.M. early Wednesday, killing 10, including 2 children and injuring over one hundred, reports CNN television. However, there are conflicting reports for some are putting the death toll at 8.

This number may change as information filtered out becomes clearer. Millions of dollars in damages is being reported as Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, Tennessee, Nebraska and Missouri, struggle to assess the carnage. Harrisburg is said to be the hardest hit, with 6 people killed. One death was reported in Harveyville, Kansas which suffered major damages also. Over 40 percent of the small town was allegedly hit, including an apartment complex and a church. Strong storm winds swept through additional States like Oklahoma and Arkansas.

No news confirming the other 3 deaths was given so check back for more on that. The tragedy is still unfolding and information gathering is still in the developing stages.

Speaking to CNN, worker Jane Harper of Illinois Medical Center in Harrisburg said that hospital suffered extensive damage, including parts of the South wall which was blown out in the fury of the tornado. No one was killed there but patients were in the process of being moved..

Mayor of Harrisburg Eric Gregg, told CNN that over 300 homes, schools and businesses have suffered damages and an on-going assessment will surely drive that number up. The widespread carnage could be seen on television and parts look like they were just hit by a series of bombs as the rubble of homes and business piled high everywhere.

Gregg asked for the nation's prayers as the danger is not over. More twisters are expected to hit any moment now according to Doppler Radar reports. A new storm is now slamming Kentucky, moving through West Virginia and Tennessee. Nashville may be directly in its path. All residents are being urged to get to a secure location immediately.

National Guards have been deployed to help the hardest hit areas.

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