Victoria Lee

I've been asking around: Why doesn't Obama deserve re-election? I've been trying to appreciate the reasons die-hard conservatives are so adamant on the subject of Obama not deserving a second term. So far, the only true absolute I've been able to derive is a complete intangible: They just really don't like him. They were obdurately repugnant of him as he ran; they've been pig-headedly implacable toward him throughout his first term; they are downright insufferable concerning his possible re-election.

The particular conservatives to whom I refer are not your average or moderate Republicans who still maintain a modicum of common sense. I'm talking about the right-wing, fundamentalist types who conform to an obscure ideology mired in duplicity and irrationality. And, these conservatives are the ones who downright cringe at the thought of Obama maintaining office for another four years.

Implausibly, they still cling to the same tired and ludicrous conspiratorial reasons that we've been gagging on for years now: Obama isn't a U.S. citizen; he is a Muslim; he hates America; and, he is a fraud. I find it hard to believe that these backward, mulish themes still prevail - and that they are now so typical of these conservatives that they border on conventional thought. Conservatives don't even crack a smile as they proclaim that Obama is interchangeably a Socialist and a Communist (terms they consistently abuse in their misuse and misappropriation). These are the most frequent and least ghastly of the replies I have received - there are other quite bigoted and revolting variances to these refrains that I cannot bring myself to share herein.

I did receive a couple of rare, more pensive answers to the question posed. However, those limited responses fall into "The Obvious Differences between Conservatives and Liberals" category. Conservatives hate "Obama-Care" (an idiom intended to be derogatory, I suppose), while liberals consider The Affordable Care Act to be a major achievement. Obama's response to the Keystone XL Pipeline tends to be bemoaned by conservatives and celebrated by liberals. Blah, blah, blah. No surprises there.

The characteristic rote responses I've by now come to expect from the less contemplative conservatives are circular, nonsensical and conclusively inconsistent. These folks simultaneously condemn Obama's desire to let the Bush tax-cuts expire for the wealthiest (the "job creators") while they denounce his policies as destructive of small businesses (the "real job creators"), for which he proposes a myriad of tax deductions. These cats proclaim that job creation is demand-based while they discount demand-sided economics and oppose the stimulus incentives designed to increase such demand. These chaps scream about unemployment rates while they complain about Obama's spending (which is commensurate with collaring the recession) on programs that assist the unemployed. And, these people claim that Obama is inciting "class warfare" against the affluent as they are mindlessly kowtowed into voting against their own middle-class best interests.

Under this guise of conflicting pretenses, these are the conservatives that despise Obama - the guy under whose authority the economy has been stabilized and a major Depression averted. He has guided employment figures into steady increases. The stock market has rebounded and housing foreclosures are declining. He has ended the (illegitimate) Iraq War and the tyranny of Osama bin Laden. And, my conservative comrades have the wherewithal to say that "change" has not occurred? Seriously?

Seemingly consistent only in their ambiguity, these conservatives are clearly incapable of a discerning intellect when it comes to Obama and politics at large. They tout a small federal government and "freedom" for the individual as they advocate intrusive measures that would meddle incessantly into the personal lives of non-Christians, non-heterosexuals, the impoverished and women (among nearly every "other"). They want to cut educational spending while they tear apart history and science texts. They want to maintain U.S. world "superiority" while cutting the budget for transportation and infrastructure improvements. Nearly every opposition or proposition from their collective distorted viewpoint is hyperbolic and hypocritical, contradictory and counterproductive, autocratic and narrow-minded.

The conservative tendency toward incongruent rationalization does not falter in terms of its bitter loathing of Obama. Simplistic and petulant by nature, I think that the true reason conservatives hold him in such contempt is that they fear his overall success in lieu of their failure. The Republicans created this mess and if a Democrat is to pull us out, even under the influence of their implausible and faulty logic, it would imply a demise to their tenuous political belief system. It does not matter what Obama accomplishes for the good of the majority of the American people because if the Republican Party cannot lay claim to the success, they will refuse to acknowledge it. Trifling and childish? To be sure. Spiteful, stubborn and vindictive? Absolutely. Less plausible than one would expect? Not at all.

Obama represents all that conservatives crassly abhor. He maintains his convictions while producing tangible results. He is authentic, pragmatic, steady, strong, direct, methodical and fair. He doesn't fall apart in their deliberately polarized atmosphere, nor is he distracted by their frivolous prerogatives. He ain't Bush, that's for sure. But, considering the mess he was handed walking into that office, I think he is doing a mighty fine job. He is a Democrat and for that, conservatives covet and begrudge him his successes, seeking to relieve him of a second term, if only out of sheer resentment.

And, while they are busy dallying with the inanity of that, I will smugly applaud his hopefully eminent and well-deserved re-election along with the country's ensuing progress and middle-class solidarity. Despite my well-intentioned research into the matter, I guess I kinda like the guy.

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