Veronica Roberts

Satire: the funny side of serious

The economy is bad, joblessness abounds, foreclosures continue, Social Security is threatened, inflation has food prices escalating, global unrest is on the rise and the U.S. debt has reached $15 trillion-- so it is no surprise that we are all stressed. Well, maybe not the one percenters.

Yet Rick Santorum is advocating we stay away from the one thing that doesn't cost a dime that couples could enjoy while alleviating a little of the mounting stress. (When I say free, I am not talking about the pimping/prostitution/sex industry side of this--that's a topic for another time and place.)

You're a smart and savvy reader so I know you understand what I'm talking about. Yes, sex. The frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination thinks birth control is immoral and that sex should only happen between married couples and even they shouldn't use birth control. They should go "au naturale" and have babies if the "Good Lord" blesses them with children. If the God of his Catholic Church gives you eight, 10 or more children, so be it. Don't despair, count your blessings.

Just don't expect the government to help you with them, and don't even entertain the thought of that other sinful, immoral act--abortion.

If your daddy, brother, neighbor or a stranger molests/rapes you and you get pregnant, so be it. Don't think about abortion here either. Count your blessings. Well, according to Santorum.

When he talks of birth control, is he talking about condoms too? Just wondering, for this adds a whole other dangerous dimension. HIV/AIDS, STDs anyone?

Instead of talking about the economy, jobs, the huge problem of outsourcing, health care, broken government and corruption in Washington, how to get our public education performing on par or above the rest of the world--Santorum is stuck on birth control, unmarried sex, abortion and religion.

He is even going after women who have amniocentesis done during pregnancy, claiming it leads to more abortions. Doctors have since debunked Santorum's outrageous claims and say in fact this procedure helps save babies lives.

So what are the unmarried population and the married ones using birth control to do? If Santorum has his way, America would regress to an incredibly repressed, frustrated, unhappy, unproductive nation. When you strip away the sex, it's over people.

Think we are fighting too many wars now? Wait until we are a nation without sex walking around full of STDs and dying of AIDS. Our need for an outlet for massive stress, frustration and pent-up hormones morphed into aggression will go full throttle.