Veronica Roberts

This report will be short on my words but long on Rick Santorum's. So without further ado, click on the video above to hear the 'sh%t' (pardon my french) the GOP front-runner for the Presidential nominee have said over the years.

Compiled together, the raving, polarizing, crazy rants are staggering. From birth control, to "Blah people," his rhetoric has to be the most divisive, archaic and dangerous among the Republic final four.

President Obama and the Democrats must be tinkled pink at this moment for if Santorum ends up being his competitor, I think it will be an easy defeat.

I think he is forgetting that a huge sector of the U.S. population are women and we can now vote. I know he is stuck back in the early centuries somewhere and may not be away that Women's Suffrage have already won the war for us and the legal battle over abortion is also behind us.

Just saying.