Caitlin Tadlock

It's a big bummer for Vampire Diaries fans, the show is taking a month long break from airing new episodes! The next episode of TVD isn't until March 15th! But the CW knows how to hold fans over. They immediately released a short promo and an extended promo for season 3 episode 16, currently untitled.

The extended promo shows tons more of the flashback episode where TVD fans get to take a look at how Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder, became such a womanizing bad boy.

In a recent interview by The Hollywood Reporter, producer, Julie Plec, discusses the love triangle between Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers and if a resolution will come ahead the season 3 finale.

The Hollywood Reporter: "In a recent interview, you said there's going to come a point where a decision needs to be made with Elena and the Salvatore brothers. Will that come before the seasons over or will that be series long?"

Julie Plec: "The current state of the triangle will definitely come to a head by the end of the season. The most important thing people need to understand now is that "end game" equals end. All conversations about the endgame should be tabled until the end. We're not going to get out of this season without Elena realizing that she cannot keep fighting her feelings for these two brothers and that there's a decision that has to be made."

Season 3 of TVD comes back on March 15th with a flashback episode of Damon explaining his past. Will the womanizing Salvatore brother end up with Elena at the end of season 3? There are 6 more episodes until the season finale on May 10th to find out!