Caitlin Tadlock

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder set up what is going to happen on Thursday night's Vampire Diaries episode, "All My Children" in a new video released by the CW.

Last week, during the original vampire’s ball thrown by their mother Esther, we found out that Esther wants to kill her children once and for all. She had Elena give her blood to connect all of her children together so she can kill her children all at once.

TVD producer, Julie Plec, discussed the rest of season 3 to E! Online and Collider and what to expect during the season finale on May 10th. Plec noted that one or a few of the cast members may meet their maker during the second half of the season but that doesn't mean they will be written off the show.

On the season finale though Plec reveals that a few characters may face a certain danger but doesn't say what, "By no means, is there a rule that says, 'In Episode 22, we're checking one more of these guys off the list.' But, there is definitely going to be some jeopardy, by season's end."

The new episode of The Vampire Diaries premiere's tonight at 8pm central time on the CW. To watch the preview of "All My Children" visit the "Videos" section.