Caitlin Tadlock

Hot off the trails of the debut of the three Entertainment Weekly covers of Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley on Wednesday, The Vampire Diaries producers, Julie Plec and Caroline Dries sat down with CW for a small commentary on what is to come on Thursday night's episode of Vampire Diaries "Dangerous Liaisons".

The 1 plus minute long commentary, that featured never-seen-before clips from the episode, was released Wednesday and gave insight on where the love triangle is between Elena and the Salvatore brothers.

Fans also get a peek into how the entire original family, sans dad, is fitting into Mystic Falls. It looks like Klaus' mother, Ester, is up to something involving Elena.

On Friday, February 10th, the Entertainment Weekly covers featuring the three main stars of the show will be readily available on newsstands nationwide. There are three covers, one with all three actors, one with Nina and Ian and the other one with Nina and Paul.

The "Dangerous Liaisons" producer's preview is attached under the "Videos" tab. The TVD episode will premiere on Thursday night on the CW.