Maryann Tobin

Saskatchewan Canada - A Netflix customer was charged $11,336.62 for watching movies on a laptop.

Customers of various utilities are sometimes charged enormous amounts of money by mistake. However, the Canadian Netflix consumer with the eleven thousand dollar broadband bill was not the victim of an error.

The laptop used to watch the Netflix movies while the Gibson family was on vacation, was using a mobil broadband card from SaskTel, "which charges high roaming fees for data usage outside the country," according to the Huffington Post.

So the while the kids were watching "Shrek" on Netflix, Gibson didn't know that the roaming charges were thousands of dollars because he was vacationing in the U.S.

SaskTel agreed to reduce Gibson's bill to $1,000, and called the experience a "lesson learned."

This is a prime example of how consumers can become victims of the fine print in contracts. Few people take the time to read the details in a cell phone or mobil broadband contract, and even fewer salespeople will take the time to point out the possibility for extremely high fees for services like international roaming.

While it was beneficial for both Gibson and Netflix to come to an agreement on a reduction in the bill, the real lesson should be one for consumers.

Not all billing issues are resolved with a phone call. Had Gibson known in advance that it would cost him more than $11,000 to let his grandchildren watch movies on his laptop, there is a good chance he would have packed some DVD's for his family vacation instead of using Netflix.