Maryann Tobin

Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) showed his softer side in HBO's True Blood Season 4, after his memory was wiped out by a witch's curse. In season 5, Eric may have another chance to play the good guy with his sister, a vampire who is the progeny of Godric (Allan Hyde), Eric's maker. She is also a double agent for the Authority.

HBO has only released limited details on the new addition to the True Blood cast, but British actress Lucy Griffiths has been hired for the role, according to HBO.

Since Vampire Authority spokesperson Nan Flanagan, (Jessica Tuck) suffered the true death at the end of season 4, it would stand to reason that someone needs to fill the role of Vampire Authority antagonist. But will it really be Eric Northman's sister? Or will there be another vampire taking Nan's place.

The fact that Eric's sister has already been revealed as a double agent for the Vampire Authority might mean that Eric and his sister will be working together. The question is, whose side will they be on?

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