Harold Michael Harvey, JD

Yesterday's ruling from Deputy Administrative Law Judge Michael Malihi met with cheers, jeers, and a line in the sand.

Malihi ruled that President Barack Obama met all constitutional requirements to be a candidate for the Super Tuesday Democratic Primary election scheduled for March 6 in Georgia.

Mike Berlon, chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, celebrated the news by opening up a party headquarters in Savannah, Ga. He told nearly 250 Democrats who gathered on East Bay Street that his party was prepared to compete in South Georgia again. "The first party headquarters outside of Atlanta in a long time is the first step in reclaiming Georgia for the Democrats," he said. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnDy-BaNUj0&feature=youtu.be

Following the Jan. 26 hearing in Malihi's court, self-proclaimed Anti-Birther Kirk Coleman told Allvoices, "They (Birthers) are happy with the judge now, but just wait until he rules against them. They will attack him for being a part of a government cover-up." See: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/11427048-briefs-due-today-in-obamas-georgia-eligibility-case

Coleman, who goes by the online name Rikker, says he has "been in courtrooms where the Birthers got very angry when the ruling came down against them."

He was not off the mark by much. A sample of online reactions to the decision on Twitter and conservative blogs revealed the following acrimony over Judge Malihi's ruling:

On Twitter @junerenner twitted, "An Iranian Muslim Judge ruled ~ puzzling!"

A self-described United States Marine Corps mom, @kmita3 wrote, "Judge Malihi (Commie, on the take, or scared)."

A woman who operates a transvestite dating web site (click on the link to her site at your own risk, it is not for the prudish) and describes herself as 36DD-28-36 Brunette once again, who lives in Dayton, Ohio twitted @ledamay, "Nazi Judge Rules Obama can be on ballot in Georgia."

A man whose twitter account says his name is Winston Churchill describes his political thought as "a Socialist/Marxist/Communist-loathing constitutional conservative tweeted @lonemusketeer, "We need to inundate this Georgia Judge with letters - A weakling POS - - - Eyes on."

A Twitter @vote4wallace twitted, "Georgia is caving, BHO will be on the ballot/why did they cave in? Gangster threats, I'd assume. As prez, I'd end that BS."

From conservative blogger Pat Dollar, whose blog's mission statement is "The war starts here," we found the following reaction from Jeanie Creviston Gregory, "Damn," she wrote, "I had hoped that Georgia was going to follow through on this, what a disappointment, I guess everyone has a price."

JoAnn Dernier, a retired massage therapist who also blogs at Pat Dollar's under the name, "Me for America," said, "Can't help but wonder if Georgia judge was threatened or paid off. He just helped (~) to shred our constitution. Impeach him too."

Then the thread on the Dollar blog became a line in the sand. A blogger named Politicalfish opined: "The judge ruling makes no sense in the context of law or history. It nullifies the unique constitutional requirement for president and places Obama ‘above the law' as it relates to contempt of court. Both actions are the act of tyrants, and the antitheses of the Founders intent. As for me, I stand by the constitution and hold conviction that Obama is a criminal fraud and usurper. I am of the belief that it will take kinetic action to remove those traitors from among us. I remain ready to do so."

Bryanps71 blogged, "I am rapidly losing hope in a peaceful revolution in November. I say if Obama wants to be our dictator, make him fight for it."

J. Delta added, "The situation in which we find ourselves will not be remedied by any means short of open rebellion. All nations fall, and rebellion against tyranny is just as certain, the only question is when it will happen."

To which Catheywc answered, "It is time to remove these cowards one fat pig at a time, starting with this coward (Malihi). You must begin by taking back your local governments, city officials, county officers, and state officials, one worthless politician at a time. The alternative is open rebellion which will become violent just as soon as it starts; you have only to look at SYRIA to see how it will be applied to you and your families. Stock up on the necessities and plan well, it will not be a short term affair so plan well..." See: www.patdollar.com/2012/02/breaking-judge-rules-obama-eligible-to-be-on-georgia-ballot/

Then there is the Negro talking head, James David Manning and The James David Manning Report complete with a YouTube video http://youtu.be/cHmnYyN8Pw0,

outlining the case for the "Georgia Judge Malihi vs. Birthers: Why we were defeated".

According to Rev. Manning the Birthers were defeated because they did not have any money, to which he promptly suggested his audience should send money to continue the fight of the Birther movement.

"It is time," Rev. Manning said, "to take the Patrick Henry pledge: ‘Give me liberty or give me death.'"