Harold Michael Harvey, JD

Wow, what a week to be President of the United States heading into the big game. Many in America will watch that big game on Sunday, while President Obama will have to wait for Nov. 6 before he can suit up for the big general election bowl.

Up to this point the Republican field has thrown every barb imaginable towards President Obama, just like the football rivals have done leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. The president has been called "the food stamp president" by Newt Gingrich as well as the "entertainer-in-chief," a reference to President Obama's rendition of an Al Green tune at the famed Apollo Theater.

The erstwhile Republican front runner Mitt Romney says that he is ready to collect on a bet President Obama made that if he could not turn the economy around in three years he would be looking at a one-term proposition. "We are here," Romney said, "to collect on that promise."

Each barb is met with a rousing round of applauds from partisan crowds on the campaign trail.

First this week, Mitt Romney wins big in Florida and seemed to push Newt Gingrich further back into the pack where he presumably would not get the chance to "knock out" (President) Obama as he had proclaimed in a barking "wolf ticket" towards the Obama campaign. "I don't want to bloody (President) Obama's nose, I want to knock him out," the tight-fisted Gingrich said two weeks ago.

But then quicker than a Tom Brady-released football, Romney jammed both feet deep into his mouth in an interview on "Good Morning America" he said he was not concerned with the poor." The Obama 2012 campaign leaped. They chided Romney for being out of touch with many poor Americans.

Romney soon backtracked and was able to dislodge one foot, but then Donald Trump announced he was jetting out to Nevada and would endorse a candidate for the Republican nomination.

High-level officials in the Gingrich camp leaked that Gingrich had secured Trump's endorsement. But when Trump landed, he summoned Mitt Romney to one of Vegas' renowned Casinos and like a surreal reality television host anointed Romney King of Republican Dom.

Meanwhile, back in the Republican slums, Newt Gingrich promised to wage a negative attack against Romney in the remaining 46 state nominating contests.

President Obama begin the week basking in the afterglow of last week's news that General Motors (GM) had made good use of the stimulus money he had borrowed from the American taxpayers and loaned to GM who were once again the number one automobile manufacturer in the world.

In Republican debates President Obama has taken it on the chin for bailing out GM. A use of tax payer's money that now seems to be a success, as GM has paid back most of the money it received and sold nine million cars last year.

As the week moved closer to the weekend, the Republicans continued to stumble with Gingrich, who was left at the altar by Trump, turned to calling Romney "Obama Lite," and assured the Republican faithful that in spite of hurling insults towards every non-white minority in the country he "will be president of all the people."

On Friday, the bottom fell out of the Republican campaign's pet peeve that President Obama had failed to manage the economic woes of the nation when January's job report came out and showed that unemployment had declined to 8.3%. January's figures marks the fifth straight month the unemployment rate has dropped.

According to Reuters, "The United States created jobs at the fastest pace in nine months in January and the unemployment rate unexpectedly dropped to a near three-year low, giving a boost to President Barack Obama."

Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services in Pittsburgh told Reuters Insider, "I think this is a sign that maybe the economy is reaching that holy grail of self-sustaining economic expansion."

President Obama's incredible Super Bowl week ends on Sunday with two key factors in his favor.

First the New York Giants are in the Super Bowl. In 2008 when candidate Obama barely tipped the Richter scale of electability the Giants were in the big game too. Candidate Obama strategically planted a campaign commercial during the half-time commercials. The Giants came from behind late when a wide receiver miraculously caught a deep pass on his helmet. In every single Super Bowl during an election year, whenever the NFC team wins the big game the Democratic nominee either wins the White House or holds onto it.

Second, this year President Obama strategically has planted his White House amid the pre-game festivities as Matt Lauer of NBC News will bring his cameras over to the president's Super Bowl party and talk football and politics with him. This gives the president the opportunity before perhaps the largest television audience this year, where he can remind his opponents: "It's the economy, stupid. It's working!"

All electability indicators for President Obama are thumbs up.