Joe Kukura

If you're dropping big bucks on iPad accessories or an iPhone case, the last thing you want is for your precious new iOS accessory to turn into dirt.

But that's exactly the selling point of the soon-to-be-released BioCase -- the world's first biodegradable iPhone case. While it looks and feels like soft, rubbery plastic, the BioCase is actually made of plant matter and will eventually decompose into dirt.

The fully compostable and biodegradable BioCase is set for a March 2012 release and was on display on the Macworld 2012 and CES exhibition floors. The case is made of GDH-B1, a bioresin recognized as the first certified compostable elastomer.

If I lost you at the letter "G," that means that this little sucker will turn into organic compounds under compost-heap conditions. But under "in your pocket" conditions, it stays sturdy, reliable and soft.

Anyone who prefers American-made products will want to note that the BioCase is made in the USA. In fact, one of the many custom cases available is a case conspicuously announcing that it is "Not Made in China."

Obviously, "Not Made in China" describes the case, not the iPhone contained within.

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