Joe Kukura

Macworld 2012 was no longer a trade show for Apple products or iOS technologies. The Macworld expo is now a trade show for accessories for Apple products or iOS technologies. Or apps for Apple products or iOS technologies. Or accessories for apps for Apple products, which some people call app-cessories. Those people need to get out of the marketing department more often.

That said, some of these iPhone and iPod accessories are geniune lifesavers. In the case of iPhone chargers displayed on the Macworld exhibition floor, they are genuine life-extenders.

Many Macworld attendees got a real charge out of the Dr. Bott Mickey Mouse iPhone charger and Minnie Mouse iPhone charger. These are no Mickey Mouse products -- except, of course, in their appearance. Both can be seen in the above photo.

Both of these iconic Disney character chargers can work on either an AC adapter or the cigarette lighter in an automobile. These aren't just chargers for iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 use -- the chargers are also compatible with the iPad and iPad 2, and iPod Classic, Nano, Video, and Touch models. Each of these little mice retails at $49.99.

You might even refer to these mini-chargers as "Minnie" chargers.

(*dodges tomatoes and lettuce heads thrown by audience*)

Perhaps the cleverest of the iPhone chargers is the one that provides a charge when you don't have access to a power outlet.

The iKeep is simply a sleek little hook mechanism that attaches to your belt loops or purse to keep you from losing your iPhone. The phone attaches to the latch via a retractable cord. Oh, those Apple engineers who keep leaving the next-gen iPhones in bars could use one of these!

The iKeep Charger is the more high-end version, and it actually maintains an electrical charge to provide backup power on the go. Just like the iKeep, the iKeep charger latches to you to prevent you from losing your phone. But this version has a charging mechanism to power up your iPhone in a pinch and is also compatible to charge an Android phone or Blackberry.

Sure, seeing these gadets at Macworld is not the same as as seeing the iPad 3 or the iPhone 5. But these contraptions certainly are handy, and they can go a long way to keep you from feeling powerless.

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