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"True Blood" fans were left with more than a fair amount of dead bodies, or apparent dead bodies, at the end of season 4 of the HBO hit show. But as with all fictional supernatural creatures, anything is possible.

One of the big questions left unanswered came in the last moments of Season 4, when Sookie Stackhouse, (Anna Paquin) comes home to find a werewolf ready to kill her with a shotgun. But her emotionally troubled best friend from childhood, Tara Thornton, (Rutina Wesley) takes the bullet in the head instead.

With Tara cradled in Sookie's arms surrounded by a pool of Tara's blood, the screen goes dark in the final scene of Season 4 as Sookie screams for help.

News that Rutina Wesley will be returning in "True Blood" season 5, means that either she survives what appeared to be a fatal wound, or she comes back as a vampire.

But if Tara Thornton is "turned" into a vampire, who will be her maker?

During Season 4, Tara came to despise Sookie's vampire lover Bill Compton, (Stephen Moyer). So for the sense of irony alone, who better than Bill Compton for Tara Thornton's maker?

However, with their connection through the sharing of the true blood, either Bill Compton, or rival Sookie-lover, Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman, (Alexander Skarsgard) could rush to Sookie's side in response to her cries for help. And either could "turn" Tara into a vampire in order to preserve her existence, if not her life.

In exchange for being "turned" the newly immortal vampire, Tara Thornton, would be loyalty-bound to her maker forever.

While Eric Northman might be the more ruthless maker, forcing Tara to be the progeny of Bill Compton, who she has come to hate, would make for some very interesting twists in "True Blood" Season 5.

The most deadly part of Tara Thornton as a vampire may be her long standing emotional rage, which could manifest in ways that might make the ruthless Eric Northman look positively tame.

"True Blood" season 5 premiers on HBO in June 2012.


UPDATE: ‘True Blood’ season 5 premier turns Tara Thornton into a nasty vampire

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