Caitlin Tadlock

A new The Vampire Diaries promo on YouTube from the upcoming episode, "Dangerous Liaisons" basically reveals who has been locked away in the coffin that everyone has been trying to open for the past several episodes.

The promo shows a lady talking to Klaus saying she has wanted to bring the family back together for thousands of years. SPOILER: It sounds like the woman from the coffin is Klaus' mother.

The originals throw a ball in "Dangerous Liaisons" and some time during the ball Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder, throws a man off of a balcony. Elena Gilbert, Nina Dobrev, is pictured dancing with both Salvatore brothers and Caroline Forbes, Candice Accola, budding new romance with Klaus seems to be heating up.

Last week, 15 new photos from "Dangerous Liaisons" were released showing all the vampires and humans dressed to the nines. The episode will air on the CW on February 9. The :32 second promo is attached under "Videos".