Joseph Thomas

The problem with the iPad’s beautiful screen is that it attracts fingerprints almost instantly. You could almost smudge the screen just by looking at it. Touchscreens are meant to be touched. If only manufacturers could find a way to eliminate fingerprints, life would be golden. Fortunately, the makers of the LensPen cleaning system invented a new way to clean your iPad’s screen that doesn’t involve using liquid or water.

One of the main drawbacks of screen cleaners today is that they require a solution or spray, putting your iPad at risk. And if the cloth you use to dry the screen is dirty, well, then it defeats the purpose. The Sidekick by LensPen is an iPad and tablet cleaning device that uses the natural properties of carbon to get the job done. The carbon compound removes the oils our fingerprints leave. The device itself isn’t revolutionary:people have been using newspapers to clean windows for ages since newspapers are 25 percent carbon.

The compound used on the Sidekick device is designed to handle lots of fingerprints on the iPad. The device resembles a stamp and uses replaceable cleaning pads. Each pad works for approximately 150 cleanings, so chances are you’ll be good for a while. Whether you go through a pad in six months or three years, you’ll be good to go, since they do not expire. After 150 cleanings, simply replace the cleaning pad with a new one, and your device is brand new. It’s similar to replacing ink cartridges, you just need the ink – not another printer.

Unfortunately, the Sidekick does not work on devices that have a plastic screen protector. According to the company, the Sidekick might work on high-end screen protectors that have a smooth, scratch-resistant coating, but they can’t guarantee results.

Unlike other models, the Sidekick doesn’t require anything besides the Carbon pad to work. No cloth. No spray. No problem! The Sidekick is ideal for devices like the iPad, Kindle Fire or even iPhone because it’s portable. The Sidekick is small enough it can fit in your pocket, small purse or messenger bag.

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