Joe Kukura

So you say you’re interested in developing professional-caliber iPad drawing and painting skills but too busy cruising the Macworld 2012 exhibition floor and Midway to find the time? Macworld 2012 has just your exhibit – the iPad Sketch Station.

Located in the Macworld Midway on the second floor of this year’s Macworld expo, the iPad Sketch Station is unlike any exhibit at any previous Macworld conference, east coast or west.

The medium is as new as the iPad 2 itself. “The iPad Sketch Station is debuting at this year's Macworld | iWorld event,” Macworld director Paul Kent told Allvoices in an email.

Here’s how it works – some of the most talented figures in iPad-based art production each get one-hour slots to sketch, draw and paint on their iPads. Their work is displayed on a plasma HDTV, so everyone can get a look.

If you want more than a look, the artists are just sitting there and completely willing to chat you up while they do their thing. That caliber of advice can go for hundreds of dollars on the virtual learning circuit, you know.

The featured artists are not any old anybodies who think they can draw on their iPads. Macworld has been critically evaluating artist candidates for months, choosing only the most outstanding and accomplished graphic artists.

“To attract interest,” Kent explained, “IDG World Expo Show Management did outreach to the digital artist community, several of whom who are having their art featured in our Digital Art Gallery, as well as to approximately seven San Francisco-based art universities by promoting the even on their websites.”

If you don’t think the iPad is a very promising format for the production of outstanding graphic art, take a look at the web site of Kyle Lambert. Lambert is one of the world’s most renowned iPad graphic artists, and he’ll be taking a slot at the iPad Sketch Station as well.

See those two printers sitting there beneath the HDTV screen? They’re there so you can nab yourself an original print of whatever the artist is working on, totes free of charge.

“Attendees interested in a particular sketch by one of our artists will be able to walk away with a wonderful moment of their time at the show,” Kent said.

Free art, and free advice on producing art in the exciting new medium of the iPad? Sounds anything but sketchy.

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