Veronica Roberts

Written By Veronica Roberts

Thursday January 26, 2012

Phoenix, Ariz. --It's the shot that says a thousand words. A photo of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer aggressively and disrespectfully pointing her finger very close to the President of the United States face is making the rounds on television, the internet and in print.

As I said, that photograph speaks volumes, and though we cannot hear what is being said, the body language makes me cringe. The fact that the governor felt she could point her finger that close to President's Obama's face, shows a total lack of respect for the Office of this Presidency. I don't care what is being said, what the argument was about or how she interpreted what was said, a woman of her stature should know this wasn't the thing to do.

Her excuse now is "she felt threatened." This makes me do a double cringe. In sparkling bright daylight, surrounded by scores of Secret Service and other security personnel, confronted by her president, she felt unsafe? Is Jan Brewer using that age-old stereotypical, bias ruse of the "big, Black man scaring the fragile White woman?" This has been used to lynch many innocent Black men and boys for centuries and in 2012, the President is having this same excuse thrown at him? I am stunned.

Stunned because I couldn't believe someone who holds public office herself, could blatantly disrespect the President the way she did. People have gotten "beat downs" for less than that. Invading one's private, personal space like that is always frowned on and when it is happening out in public for all to see--dished out by a governor to her Commander-in-Chief--there is room for a huge pregnant pause. What is really going on here?

Moreover, this is not the first time President Obama has been publicly disrespected. One member of Congress shouted out "You Lie!" while the president was giving his first State of the Union address, no less.

I don't care if you agree with the President's policies or not. Whether you like him personally or not. If you are a covert or overt racist, subscribe to a different ideology--the office of the Presidency should be respected at all times. For someone who holds political office, this is unacceptable behavior and shows a part of Brewer that is very telling and not in a good way.

What do you think of Brewer's finger-pointing in the President's face?