Caitlin Tadlock

On Wednesday, January 25th, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords formally resigned from Congress. Democratic Florida Representative, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, read the resignation letter written by Giffords as she stood by her friend.

In the letter, Giffords stated, "Even as I have worked to regain my speech, thank you for your faith in my ability to be your voice." She said that she is working on her recovery so she can return to her life of public service. "Everyday, I am working hard. I will recover and will return, and we will work together again, for Arizona and for all Americans," Giffords promised.

Giffords walked up to the speaker's perch, with the help of Wasserman Schultz, and delivered her resignation letter. A standing ovation was seen and heard for minutes after the delivery of the letter to Speaker John Boehner.

The public is open to read Giffords resignation letter and are able to watch the video of her resignation at MSNBC.

Giffords husband, retired Navy Captain Mark Kelly, was in attendance this morning, he watched Wasserman Schultz read his wife's letter with his hands covering his face. Giffords mother was seated next to Kelly.