Maryann Tobin

CHARLSTON, SC - The stage was smaller for Thursday night's South Carolina 2012 GOP Presidential Debate, with just four candidates left: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Among the topics discussed was the right to life, and Paul, the only physician on the panel, said that when he was practicing medicine, he always considered the treatment of a pregnant woman as "treating two patients."

Dr. Paul acknowledged that abortion was a personal issue, and added that the federal government should not get involved in abortion. Instead, Paul said that states should be allowed to make their own abortion laws.

Paul said that it would take "years and years" to get federal laws changed, adding that his solution was to "repeal Roe vs. Wade on a state-by-state basis."

Some states already have strict restrictions on abortion including, Nebraska, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alabama, according to the New York Times.