Veronica Roberts

Here is a story with a stunning twist to cap out 2011: a 99-year-old man divorced his 96-year-old wife after he discovered she had an affair 60 years ago.

Told you it was a twister! Almost Centurion known only as Antonio C from Italy divorced wife Rosa after 77 years of marriage when he found evidence in some old letters that she had cheated on him six decades ago.

According to ABC News, Poor Rosa begged her husband to forgive her after he found the love letters just before Christmas but the season of goodwill apparently had no effect on Antonio's cold, hurt heart. He still said ciao to his almost 8 decades long marriage.

The twilight years have taken on a decidedly grim, loneliness for the couple. How sad.

What do you think: should Antonio have forgiven his wife--after all they went on to have 60 years together after the affair?