Veronica Roberts

Check out the powerful video above--it will certainly impress you and give you plenty food for thought. An adorable little girl named Riley is not happy with all the 'girly pink' toys pushed in toy stores towards their tiny females shoppers.

"Why do the girls get all the pink stuff and the boys the superheroes?" laments Riley. Why indeed. This pint-sized 'feminist' sees this as a problem for as she so correctly states, "some girls want to play with superheroes and some boys want to play with the pink toys."

To be this young and this wise is priceless and she has certainly put toy stores and the rest of us on notice: she is fed up of the gender bias in the toy stores and will not take it anymore!

Look out Toys'R Us, KMart, WalMart, FAO Schwartz, Target--Riley is coming to get you!