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UPDATE:11.30.11 Oranjestad, Aruba --Seen on ABC's "Good Morning America" early Thursday morning, Gary Giordano was in a hotel room close to the Aruba airport hugging his father Frank and talking to his three sons back in the U.S.

The 50-year old Maryland businessman, the sole supect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, was freed on Tuesday by the local court on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

Giordano was held for four months in an Aruban jail since his travel companion, 35-year-old Gardner, also from Maryland, vanished without a trace on Aug. 2 while on a five-day vacation on the tropical island.

Although he is the sole suspect, lawyer Jose Baez told ABC's Robin Roberts that his client is a free man who has nothing to hide and though not expected to return to Aruba, will be available if things change and he needed to be extradited.

When asked if his client will be collecting that $1.5 million life insurance he took out on his still missing travel companion, Baez said that was the furthest thing from Giordano's mind at this time.

Meanwhile Robyn Gardner's family says they are extremely frustrated over the lack of progress made in the case. Gardner's whereabouts remains a mystery but Aruba authorities believe her to be dead.

Giordano is expected to appear for an interview on ABC's GMA Thursday morning.

Baez shot to fame for securing an aquittal for 25-year-old Casey Anthony in the sensational murder trial for the death of her 2-year old daughter Caylee.

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11.29.11 Aruba]--Gary Giordano, held in Aruba since early August in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, will walk out of that island jail around 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday night, a free man reports CNN.

Though his travel companion, 35-year-old Gardner from Maryland, remains missing, the 50-year-old businessman, the sole suspect in her disappearance, is free to fly back to Gaithersburg, Wash., because authorities lack sufficient evidence to hold him any longer.

An interesting twist was added to this case when Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez joined his defense team, reportedly hired by Giordano's father, Frank Giordano. According to Aruba law, a"foreigner" cannot represent clients in court but Baez can sit in an "advisory" capacity.

Did he work the same magic for Giordano as he did in getting Anthony acquitted of murder charges in her 2-year-old daughter Caylee's death?

Giordano was detained by Aruban authorities after Gardner vanished without a trace on the French Caribbean Island Aug. 2. The couple had gone on a 5-day vacation even though they weren't romantically involved. Gardner had a boyfriend, Richard Forrester, who told Dr. Drew Pinsky that they had a fight before she took off on this trip.

He also told the talk show host that Gardner had a drinking problem which worried him. He said however, that the story Giordano told the local police about his girlfriend getting lost on a snorkeling trip could not be true for Robyn hated to wet her hair and mess up her makeup and would never have gone swimming, much less snorkelling.

Suspect Giordano told police he lost Gardner on a snorkelling trip but reports say the day of the alleged trip, the weather was perfect and the ocean was calm and clear. His tale of swimming for his life without looking back to see if his companion was behind or close to him falls hollow.

He also said Robyn was woozy that day because she had taken a sleeping pill not because he had drugged her, like he was setting up a scenario to extricate himself from blame. Eyewitnesses on the island told police she did seem out of sorts that day at the Rum Reef Bar and Grill, the last place she was seen having drinks with Giordano.

On that same day, video reportedly shows Giordano acting suspiciously. He travelled back and forth from a car, wearing different toupees.

Incidentally, he reportedly took out a whopping $1.5 million accidental death insurance on Gardner before they flew to the French island paradise and called to inquire about the policy as soon as his vacation companion went missing.

Many wonder why the dental assistant went on vacation with Giordano if she was in a relationship with Forrester. Speculations abound from money to modeling career. Gardner was an aspiring model and at 35 that dream was fast escaping her grasp.

Giordano reportedly loved to flash money around, promising women the good life and offering to help some with their modeling careers. Maybe he lured Robyn to Aruba with one such promise. A rich businessman who could bankroll and jumpstart her modeling.

"Beyond pornographic" pics were reportedly found by Aruban authorities on Giordano's camera. Police do not know if they were consensual of coerced.

CNN transcripts from a Jane Velez-Mitchell interview, show that the 50-year-old businessman had tried to entice other women to travel to Aruba with him with a promise of a modeling career and some other "kinky offers."

Carrie Emerson told Valez-Mitchell on her show Issues on HLN television, that Giordano once called her in July to invite her teenage daughter on a trip to Aruba to "model for his swimwear catalogue." He reportedly said he needed a model fast for his original had canceled on him and the only requirements were she be blonde, cute, possess a passport and be willing to leave as soon as possible.

Then, for want of a better word, the model offer turned into a proposition for a ménage à trois with Emerson, her own daughter and himself. Perversion seems to be the norm for this guy.

If this is true, Gardner must have been fooled with the same kind of offer.

Giordano has a dark checkered past and two women have filed restraining orders against him in the past, including his ex-wife.

Former FBI agent Steve Moore thinks the key to finding out more on Giordano is through his computers. FBI agents have reportedly searched his Gaithersburg mansion in August but nothing solidly linking him to Garner's disappearance must have been found.

Extensive search of the island, even with cadaver dogs and the beach where she supposedly disappeared turned up very little clues.

If Giordano returns to the U.S. he can easily disappear into the vast unknown, leaving the case unsolved and the main suspect MIA.

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