Veronica Roberts

In one of the strangest stories in airline history, passengers were forced to pass around a hat to collect money for fuel if they wanted to get to their destination.

Comtel Air passengers say they had to come up with 20 thousand pounds or about $31,500 to purchase fuel while on a stop-over in Vienna en route to the UK from India.

According to the BBC video above, after sitting on the tarmac for 6 hours, some angry 180 passengers were informed, via an on board announcement, that there was no money for fuel and that if they wanted to continue their journey, they would have 'to pass a hat around."

Short of remaining stranded, the passengers decided to collect money from everyone to help fuel the plane.

Comtel, which offered flights from Punjab to Birmingham via Vienna, reportedly said they have operated a successful airline so far but signs show otherwise. Another flight was stranded in India indefinitely, indicating serious money issues.

Passengers are now fighting for reimbursement.