Caitlin Tadlock

On Monday, St. Louis County health department officials reported that Schnucks salad bars are a part of an investigation into the source of the E.coli outbreak that started in late October in the St. Louis area. 34 people have reported E. coli infections. The age range of people reported to have infections include 1 to 94-years-old.

4 of the 34 people claim they ate produce from the Schnucks salad bars in downtown St. Louis, Ladue, Ballwin and High Ridge. The Schnucks company had a news release on Monday, October 31st addressing the E. coli issue, "To date, no tests taken from Schnucks stores have come back positive for E. coli and no original source has been pinpointed, but Schnucks Food Safety is taking every possible precaution." Schnucks stores have voluntarily pulled the items in question from the salad bars. There are 66 Schnucks stores in the surrounding St. Louis metro area.

St. Louis health officials are not only looking at Schnucks stores for a link to E. coli, they are reportedly looking at a wide variety of possible contamination sources in and around the St. Louis area.