Veronica Roberts

(Colorado Springs, Colorado) Parents Bryan and Tonya Ricks of Colorado Springs, Colorado were reportedly sentenced to 25 years each for child abuse including" severe bodily harm and failure to provide medical attention."

The shocking house of horrors was discovered in 2009, when a family friend discovered the Ricks teenage son bedridden, in his own urine and feces, unable to walk or speak and extremely malnourished.

He wasn't the only child in the home. 5 other siblings, all girls, were also reportedly starved and abused.

According to KKTV the boy, whose name has been withheld to protect his identity, was removed from the home late 2009 but the other children weren't taken out of that horror house until early 2010.

Both of the Ricks reportedly expressed deep remorse in court during their sentencing on Monday and though the judge commended them for taking responsiblity by pleading guilty, he reportedly told them "it does not outweigh the severe, continuous abuse."

The boy, who is now 16 and lives with his foster parents, weighed a shocking 37 pounds when he was taken out of the home. To this day, he cannot walk and is learning to do so while he mostly crawls. The years of neglect and abuse have severely hindered his development, as well as his siblings. He and his 5 sisters had to be taught basic skills like using a toothbrush, tying their shoelaces, using a fork and a toilet.

Their motor skills were so impaired they couldn't hold a pencil or dress themselves. Their teeth were rotten, one child lost nine teeth. The girls hair were extremely dry, brittle and their skin were allegedly like alligator's--rough and dry.

The children have never seen a doctor or attended school. One of them had a condition which left a hole in her heart and others had asthma. The 16-year-old had severe seizures which has reportedly damaged his brain permanently because he did not get any medical attention.

They are all now in specialized foster care for they need continued therapy for a myriad of problems. they have already received occupational, physical and psychological therapy. They are learning to live normal lives.