Veronica Roberts

10.24.11 Phoenix, Arizona)------Have you heard of Jahesseye Shockley or baby Lisa Irwin? If your answer is no for the former and yes for the latter, ask yourself why?

5-year-old Jahessye Shockley disappeared from outside her Glendale, Arizona home since October 11 and haven't been seen since. Her mother, Jerese Hunter reportedly told authorities that she left her daughter playing with her three siblings while she ran a quick errand. Reports say the 5 year old was locked in the house as the other siblings, the oldest being 13, played outside. when mom returned, the door to the home was allegedly unlocked and Jahessye was gone.

According to the Daily News, Jahessye is about 3 feet, 5 inches tall, weighs 55 pounds and has long, black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.

Authorities ask anyone with information on the case to call a police tip-line at (623) 930-HELP (4357). $16,000 is being offered for information that may lead to the rescue of little Jahessye.

Grandmother Shirley Johnson has accused the authorities of issuing an Amber Alert for Jahessye for only 2 days which she feels is insufficient time when a child's life is at stake. Johnson was seen on CNN also expressing her disappointment at the national media coverage. She said after she fought long and hard for coverage at the local level, she finally got some national coverage 2 days ago. Remember little Jahessye went missing 13 days ago.

No one was arrested for the 5 year old's disappearance but the other children were removed from the home by Children Protective Services.

Grandmother Johnson also voiced her dissatisfaction with this saying they could have placed the children with the many available relatives.

Police reportedly does not consider the mother a suspect but she has done time for child abuse in the past.

Baby Lisa Irwin, has gotten wall to wall coverage from the mainstream media, here and numerous other online outlets. I have written over 20 articles on missing children since joining Allvoices and maybe 2 were children of 'color.' Sadly, the media coverage on missing persons is primarily on Caucasians--whether they're children or women.

We definitely need a more balanced coverage of missing children and adults as well. It's 2011, shouldn't our news coverage reflect an accurate and fair picture of our society and everyone in it?

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