Veronica Roberts

10.20.11 (Marshalltown, Iowa) In a tale that will warm you hearts, a couple married for a record 72 years, reportedly died holding hands.

Although it's a somber story of death one can't help but feel the essence of romance at is best. The couple's everlasting love began in Iowa, as 90-year-old Norma, then a yound teenager and 94-year-old Gordon Yeager, a young man himself, laid eyes on each other in high school all those years ago.

According to KCCI News, they were married in Statecenter may 26, 1939, the very day she graduated from high school. Norma and Gordon had four children.

The enduring romance came to tragic stop when the couple met in a car accident last week outside of Marshalltown. Both were hospitalized, placed next to each other in the Intensive Care Unit, where they reportedly held hands most of the time.

The Yeagers finally passed away one hour apart, still holding hands.What is even more extraordinary than their longevity, is how they exited this world. Gordon reportedly stopped breathing around 3:38 p.m last Wednesday but his heart monitor continued to register heartbeats.

His family said he was was holding on for his heart was beating through his wife Norma. They were allegedly still holding hands. She passed away one hour later-- exactly 4:38 p.m.

What a story of unending, impressive love.

Read it here or click on the attached video above:Couple Holds Hands Until the Very End