Caitlin Tadlock

Over the weekend, Breaking Dawn vampire actress Nikki Reed tied the knot with her boyfriend, American Idol cast member, Paul McDonald. The couple married in a ceremony in Malibu, California on Sunday, October 16th. According to MTV, a 100 guests showed up to the wedding ceremony including actress Alexa Vega who served as a bridesmaid. There has been no word on any Twilight Saga cast member in attendance.

Reed has spent over four years working close together with her co-stars, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene but only Reed's on-screen love interest, Kellan Lutz has tweeted a congrats to Reed. So, why hasn't anyone else from the Cullen clan wished their co-star well?

Rumors started during the New Moon promotional tour that Reed and Kristen Stewart had a falling out that involved Stewart's current boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. Fans speculated that Reed and Pattinson were hooking up, by the looks of this picture, during the filming of Twilight but the hooking up didn't last long. Stewart broke up with her boyfriend, Michael Angarano during New Moon filming and quickly after started dating Rob, which started the falling out between Reed, Stewart and Pattinson. Stewart and Reed both commented during initial production of Twilight and New Moon that her and Reed were good friends off-set, the girls even made out for their Twilight fans!

During production of New Moon sightings of the three cast mates had stopped and that's when rumors started to flare that something went awry between Reed, Pattinson and Stewart. Reed may not be friendly with Stewart and Pattinson anymore but she still counts Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz as good friends. Too view the video of Kristen and Nikki kissing, visit the 'Videos' tab.