Veronica Roberts

Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain is blazing a trail of controversy to the top of the pile, fighting for the White House bid in many polls. He seems to be the Tea Party flavor of the moment, stirring up strong emotions and reactions whenever he opens his mouth. From calling African Americans "brainwashed," to saying Wall St. protesters have only themselves to blame for being unemployed and poor, he sure knows how to alienate a huge voter block.

His rhetoric is classic Tea Party/hardliner Republican spiel--"pull yourselves up from your bootstraps"--"everyman for himself"--"government doesn't need to do a darn thing to help you" kind of politics.

No government regulations, lower taxes, even lower for the very rich--all the kinds of things that two extremely wealthy brothers also believe in. In fact, for decades, they have bankrolled organisations to push this agenda. The grassroots Tea Party is allegedly one such arm of these rich brothers; now, candidate Cain is reportedly another.

I'm talking about the billionaire Koch brothers. According to the Associated Press, these hidden "puppeteers" have been quietly grooming him for just this moment.

Cain likes to present himself like a self-made man, a man who "pulled himself up from his bootstraps" to be where he is today. Now it looks like the "strings" of his short political career are being pulled by some wealthy sources.

Americans for Prosperity, a group backed by the Koch brothers to lobby for what they think is best for themselves and the rest of America--things like lower taxes and less government control or no regulations--is reportedly front and center in Cain's campaign. His campaign manager and aides all allegedly worked for the AFP.

Cain's much talked about and, in some cases, ridiculed 999 Plan, was reportedly devised by a businessman who sat on the Americans For Prosperity board.

In fact, it seems that the Koch-Cain ties go back to 2005, when the Godfather Pizza king was reportedly selected to be "the public face of the AFP Expansion Project." The presidential candidate was on the road for two years, traveling from state to state, spreading the Koch brothers' "message."

Brothers Charles Koch, 75, and David Koch, 71, reportedly sit atop a conglomerate spanning about 50 countries, with the base in Wichita, Kansas. Controlling everything from oil companies to Brawny paper towels and toilet paper, the secretive duo has never fully disclosed their profits so no one knows exactly what they rake in, but estimates have their company's net worth at approximately $100 billion annually.

Bloomberg News recently reported a scandal involving the Koch's France subsidiaries, where the company was charged in 2008 with illegal contracts and secret petrochemical equipment deals with Iran.

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