Veronica Roberts

Protesters at New York's Occupy Wall Street movement are crying foul after new rules emerged about Friday's scheduled clean-up of Zuccotti Park in Manhattan.

Demonstrators say they were ordered by Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, to leave the park temporarily on Friday so that the surroundings could be sanitized and cleaned since protesters have been camping out there for almost a month.

The owners of the park, Brookfield Office Management, where incidentally the Mayor's girlfriend sits on the Board, reportedly wrote in a letter sent to Police Commissioner Kelly that, "Conditions in the park is unsanitary and may have deteriorated into being unsafe."

Now more details of the clean-up states that protesters cannot bring tents, tarps, sleeping bags, mattresses, computers or store other personal items in the park. No lying or sleeping on park benches will be allowed either after Friday's clean-up.

On Thursday night, protesters occupying the park took matters into their own hands and the power away from the mayor by cleaning up themselves. With brooms, mobs, rakes, lots of soap and water, many were seen working hard at scrubbing and carting away the dirt and garbage. One protester told Channel 7 Eyewitness News that they were removing the mayor's excuse to squash the growing movement.

Protesters say the only way they are going to leave Zuccotti Park is by force so things may come to an explosive head on Friday. An inevitable show-down between the NYPD and protesters is feared for emotions are running high while anger and frustration are mounting.

NYPD Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg say clean-up starts at 7:00 a.m. sharp on Friday and everyone must be out by then. Wall St. Occupiers say they will be there at 6:00 a.m. to prevent it.

Over 800 were already arrested since the protest began on September 17.

Will Friday be a turning point in the occupy Wall Street movement?

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