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10/13/2011 Update: By early afternoon yesterday, the protest had dispersed. The Mercury News reports that police arrested 11 protesters for trespassing. Today, the streets are quiet.

Protesters' chants echoed down the narrow streets of San Francisco's Financial District this morning, as a group of demonstrators expressed their frustration with the nation's economy and the Senate's failure to pass the jobs bill yesterday.

Armed with megaphones, signs and fliers, protesters took aim at capitalism and unemployment in front of a Wells Fargo bank on California St.

"It's capitalism taking over our communities and destroying our country," said Californians for Justice spokesperson Angela Omulepu over a microphone to a supportive crowd. "We want to take our country back."

As Omulepu and others spoke, cars drove by and honked their support. A group of local businesspeople and perhaps a few journalists stood on the opposite side of the street, capturing the crowd's spirited chants of "We are the 99 percent" on their smartphones.

"Anybody who tells you direct action doesn't get the goods is lying to you," another speaker said. "And that's why we're here today -- to add San Francisco to the massive resistance to the 1 percent."

A Columbian immigrant named Norman also spoke about free trade agreements and a potential future agreement between the U.S. and Korea.

The group's organizers distributed fliers demanding a moratorium on foreclosures. "Wells Fargo is the 1%," the fliers said.

Police kept watch over the demonstration to ensure order.

Check out a video of the protests here.

Mercury News source for updated arrest count and details: