Veronica Roberts

9.30.11, NYC]----New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg weighed in on the Occupy Wall Street protest on his weekly radio show this Friday, saying that it was aimed at the wrong people.

The mayor feels the banks "need our support" and that folks working on Wall Street made only $40-50,000 a year and "are struggling to make ends meet." The Mayor is clearly not in favor of the two-week protest and, when asked if he was going to shut it down, said, "We'll see."

Bloomberg feels people have a right to protest but says other people not participating also have a right to go about their lives in the city unencumbered.

The "Occupy Wall Street" protest is in its 13th day, and demonstrators are showing no signs of giving up. In fact, the gathering of mostly young college students has attracted the attention of some high profile folks like entrepreneur Russel Simmons, actresses Susan Sarandon and Roseanne Barr, director Michael Moore and, on Thursday, Professor Cornell West, among others.

Though the protest is called "Occupy Wall Street," demonstrators are not actually straddling the bull up close and personal, for the New York Police Department is under strict orders to keep them out of the financial district. The bull is on tight lockdown so Zucotti Park, near Ground Zero, is being used as base and Union Square park as their Tahrir Square of sorts. Some are even comparing it to Egypt's Arab Spring.

The mainstream media did not not jump fully on board with coverage of the protest, which started on September 17, until around the 25th, when protestors marched on Union Square. They are demonstrating against what they say is the out of control Wall Street greed and the lack of accountability that went with the financial collapse.

Many say they are fighting mad that Main Street is getting poorer while the very people responsible for our high unemployment, housing crisis and economic instability have never been punished and are still getting their fat bonuses.

Director Michael Moore fired up the crowd six days ago and, though police didn't allow a bull horn to be used, protesters used their voices as a chorus to repeat what Moore had to say.

Chanting, "How much should they pay in taxes" and "more, more, even more," Moore and Occupy Wall Street protesters loudly vented their frustration.

Over 90 people have been arrested so far, and video footage showed police pepper spraying women and tussling with some demonstrators.

Asked how long they intended to keep up the fight, one protester said,"For as long as it takes."

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UPDATE 10.2.11

Over 700 demonstrators of the Occupy Wall Street Movement were arrested on Saturday as they stormed over the Brooklyn Bridge. NYPD claimed the arrests were made because protesters were disrupting vehicular traffic on the Bridge.

Several trains also run on the Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back again.

The protest, which started on September 17, is gaining momentum, and Saturday saw the largest crowd since it started.