Veronica Roberts

9.17.11, West Simsbury, Connecticut]------A 17-year-old girl was reportedly expelled from her high school when faculty learned she was a Lesbian.

The student whose name was omitted for her privacy, attended a Christian school in West Simsbury, Connecticut called The Master's School.

According to an email from, this student was high performing with excellent grades and fully involved in extra-curricular activities. But after a class trip, where some of the girls pretended to be married to each other as a joke, the school administration questioned the girls on their behavior.

When they found out one of the girls was Gay, they allegedly asked her to leave the school or be forced to do so by expulsion.

Do you think schools have the right to expel students based on their sexual orientation or is this blatant discrimination?

Read email and sign the petition if you think expelling the student was wrong.


Dear Veronica,

The Master’s School -- a Christian high school in West Simsbury, Connecticut -- has a motto, “Veritas Vos Liberabit,” which translates into “the truth shall set you free.” But when a 17-year-old girl told the truth about being a lesbian, she was forced to leave the school.

The girl in question (we’ll call her “R.”) was a model student at Master’s: she got great grades, played sports and participated in other extracurricular activities. But then R. went on a school field trip where a bunch of girls pretended to be married to one another -- no big deal, just a joke. But the Master’s School administration didn’t find it funny.

When the girls returned home, the administration questioned them one by one: Are you gay? All of the girls said they weren’t. Except for R., who revealed the secret only her friends knew. The administration responded by telling R. that if she didn’t withdraw from school, she’d be expelled.

Greg Plotkin lives near the Master’s School, and he was outraged when he read R. had been kicked out. Greg started a petition on asking the Master’s School to adopt a non-discrimination policy for LGBT students. Please sign his petition today.

One of R.’s coaches at Master’s, Heather Lodovico, says of R., “She’s a fantastic kid.” Coach Lodovico was shocked when she found out R. had been expelled: “I never saw anything about Master's that would lead me to believe they would do something like this. One of the things they pride themselves on is they let kids be unique and express themselves.”

Master’s purports to be a school that strives to include kids from all walks of life and help them achieve their potential. While R. is happy at her new school, the Master's School’s administrators need to understand that discrimination against LGBT students creates a divisive and unsafe school environment.

When Master's administrators see that thousands of people care deeply about the well-being of the school’s kids, they'll be pushed to stop discriminating against LGBT students. Please sign Greg Plotkin’s petition to ask the Master’s School to adopt a non-discrimination policy for LGBT students:

Thanks for being a change-maker,

- Eden and the team