Veronica Roberts

9.6.11]-----Raging fires are currently engulfing parts of Texas and Governor Rick Perry himself calls it "as mean as they come."

The governor has even cancelled his appearance at Wednesday's GOP Forum to fly back and handle this emergency.

As I watch the raging fires engulf parts of Texas and the hurricane some predicted might have been the answer to help extinguish the ever-spreading blaze, bypass that state, I wonder what people like Michele Bachmann and many of those on the Religious Right, with their extremist views of God and punishment, are thinking at this moment.

Bachmann was heard talking about "God's punishment of storms, tornadoes and floods" being a "wake-up call for America." She later tried to do damage control by claiming it was a joke, when her statements upset many.

But was she? We have heard this Presidential candidate speak and this fits perfectly with her other verbiage. Remember 'praying away the gay" in family clinic run by hubby Bachmann? What about she talks directly to God and following in her career path because "God and husband told her to?"

She is not the only one who subscribes to this extreme ideology. Many churchgoing folks believe the same thing. So is her God punishing Texas through Perry, who is a God-fearing man himself?

Pastor Pat Robertson, a controversial tele-evangelist, who has millions of followers, also subscribes to this dangerous religious ideology and was heard publicly saying that Haiti's 2010 devastating earthqake was "a punishment from God."

Making God out to be this avenging, hateful, genocidal, cruel, prejudicial, bigoted entity these extremists have made Him/Her/It out to be is dangerous when viewed in this context, isn't it?

To say that God punishes us by killing innocent folks and destroying lives, including children is the most extreme form of idiocy I have ever heard.