Veronica Roberts

8.30.11, Lakeville, Minnesota]------A Minnesota father who abandoned his 11-year-old son a month ago in their foreclosed home, was reportedly arrested in California.

60-year-old Steven Alexander Cross, was apprehended in the small coastal town of Cambria on Monday after his ex-girlfriend told Police she had received an email form him sent from a library in that area, saying he was homeless and deeply depressed. Authorities also received another tip that he was working in a deli there.

When police arrested him, it apeared he had been living in his van.

Cross reportedly left two letters for his son on July 18, in his foreclosed home in Lakeville, then disappeared. One of the letters told him to go live with the neighbor. It also told the boy that the mother he though was dead, was in fact, alive. The other letter was addressed to that neighbor, Tracy Radtke, explaining why he left.

Radtke said she was shocked when the child came sobbing to her door for she never expected the father to do something like that.

According to the Associated Press, Cross is an architect who divorced the boy's mother, Katik Porter and gained legal custody of his son in 2001. No one knows where Porter is and although she was granted visitation rights in 2001, she reportedly never bothered to see her son.

Cross is facing gross misdemeanour child neglect charges.

The boy is reportedly now living with his aunt.

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