We build technology to solve marketplace challenges

Our mission is to help brands and publishers deliver advertising that matters to their audiences. That means technology and platforms to help automate the process, tools that improve your targeting while increasing your ROAS, and insights to guide you along the way.

Whether it is through an open auction or private marketplace, PulsePoint has built powerful and flexible technology with options that satisfy a wide variety of clients and strategies.

ADveRtisers technology


Our real-time contextualization technology analyzes tens of thousands of quality publishers at the page-level to ensure your ads appear next to the content you want. 


Prevent ad misplacement and keep your brand safe while maintaining scale and efficiency.


Increase ad relevancy and positive brand association by targeting or blocking content at the page, category or sentiment level.


Proprietary contextualization and data technology are the core of our tech stack.


Sentiment analysis helps brands and publishers avoid embarrassing placement by blocking ads from appearing next to content that is negative towards the brand. Our technology allows advertisers to target more precisely to match ad to the emotion behind the publisher's content.

Sentiment analysis or ‘opinion mining’ analyzes text to determine the ‘polarity’ (positive/negative) of the text and additionally measures how strongly the text’s sentiment fits with the determined polarity. 

PulsePoint’s viewability solutions

Make every impression count.

PulsePoint’s viewability solution makes sure you’re not paying for impressions that go unseen. Our technology automatically detects and determines whether the ad impression is visible to the viewer or above the fold.

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